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have you downloaded WhatsApp Plus in the last days? The application belonging to Meta is making substantial changes in the data protection of WhatsAppso it may stop modified APKs in the next few days. How to avoid getting banned? Follow these steps. MIRA: Trick to know the list of people who blocked you on WhatsApp … Read more

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Every day many users in different parts of the world have downloaded WhatsApp Plus, an unofficial version of the traditional app. This platform begins to tilt the preference in its favor because it is more personalized and has more functions that we will explain below. Now, if you already enjoy all of the above, How … Read more

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Many people already have on their mobile devices the latest version of WhatsApp Plus V18, which has come out recently on several Android phones. Through it you can not only hide the last connection time, but also prevent your contacts from calling you. As you know, from time to time WhatsApp Plus tends to update … Read more

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WhatsApp It is still one of the most used applications in the world. Through it you can chat with anyone and even send photos, videos, GIFs. In recent days the tool to hide the famous “online” is being tested. However, some like to use WhatsApp Plus on their cell phones. Do you want to always … Read more

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WhatsApp It is one of the applications that many like to use because of the ease of its functions. In it you can make long distance calls and video calls without being charged a single penny, as well as send documents with a maximum weight of 2 GB. IF more options are missing, WhatsApp Plus … Read more

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WhatsApp is being modernized on Android and iPhone devices. Currently there are many people who like not only to be able to react with a series of emojis, but also that you are already allowed to hide the famous “online”. While all the functions arrive, some users are already enjoying certain advantages such as new … Read more