Sleeping Resident in Ciney Robbed: Shocking Break-In Story and Security Tips

2023-09-28 14:30:00 Johnny Hercot, a resident of rue du Center in Ciney, can’t believe it: he was robbed while he was sound asleep. of videos “During the night from Monday to Tuesday, thieves entered our house. I was there with my two children. I didn’t hear anything when they were there. On the other hand, … Read more

Proposed Legislation Aims to Regulate Strip Searches in Belgium: Obligation to Record and Provide Reasons

2023-09-26 09:25:34 The bill was supported by Ecolo-Groen (Stefaan Van Hecke, Julie Chanson), as well as by the PS (Hervé Rigot). She wishes to modify the law of August 5, 1992 on police functions with a view to establishing an obligation to record and provide reasons for searches involving stripping. It should be noted that … Read more

Franck Dubosc Opens Up About His Touching Memories of His Late Mother

2023-09-24 14:08:34 The actor unearthed a memory that was all the more touching since his mother died two years ago. France 2 Published on 09/24/2023 at 4:08 p.m. By F.Gh. (DR) For Cinema-Télé-Revue In full promotion for his latest film, “New Departure”, Franck Dubosc was received by Léa Salamé, on the set of “What a … Read more

Belgian Adventurer Missing in Portugal: The Search for Laurence de Potter

2023-09-23 14:06:02 This trip to Portugal was not the first this year for Laurence de Potter. People who know her are unanimous: the forty-year-old is a “true adventurer”. Sporty and experienced, the Belgian is a fan of exploration. Without children, without a life partner, she liked to leave overnight. “It was only recently that she … Read more

Shocking Bus Stabbing Caught on Camera: Watch Video Footage of the Terrifying Incident

2023-09-23 05:55:36 Yesterday, while bus 39 was traveling towards Blaarmeersen near the Ghent inner ring road, a man got up to get off the public transport. That’s when another pulled out a large knife and stabbed him in the neck, HNB reports. of videos “This man was stabbed in the neck, but I think he … Read more

Inside the Mind of Juhayman Al-Otaibi: The Untold Story Behind the Liberation of the Holy Mosque in Mecca

2023-09-22 14:37:37 Al-Marsad newspaper: One of the leaders of the operation to liberate the Holy Mosque in Mecca, Lieutenant General Muhammad Eid Al-Otaibi, revealed one of the stories of the disappearance of Juhayman Al-Otaibi, the leader of a group calling itself the Salafist Muhtasib, before his occupation of the Mosque in Mecca in the year … Read more