“Revolutionizing Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Game in the Development of Antibodies and Drugs”

2023-05-06 17:25:00 Artificial intelligence and the consequences of its use have been criticized on a wide variety of fronts, but there are sectors that would benefit Artificial intelligence, so criticized for some of its negative consequences, could generate a before and after in medicine by having the possibility of developing antibodies that make it possible … Read more

The city on the Coast experiencing an unprecedented real estate boom

According to data from the municipality itself, among all housing categories, in pinamar 389 works of new real estate ventures and more than 115,000 m2 under construction. This data is associated with another indicator of equal statistical value: although its population had already been growing substantially before the pandemic, It is estimated that more than … Read more

because he was born from a forbidden love story

The Salas Martínez brothers, without meaning to, broke the myth that the third generation is the one that founds family businesses. In case of cafe martinez It was the opposite: Marcelo, Mauro and Claudia turned the business founded by their grandfather almost 90 years ago into a chain of 201 stores (including their own and … Read more

How much money should you invest in an EMPANADAS franchise?

In the universe of franchisethe gastronomic sector It is the one that offers the most alternatives. And, within this category, different chains of empanada houses appear as a good investment option. It is that, in many cases, they are usually considered franchises “low cost”, both because of its relatively low level of investment initial required … Read more

Look at this information before buying a Fiat Toro truck

The Fiat Toro is the best-selling compact truck in the country, which closed 2022 with patents above its two rivals, Ford Maverick and Renault Oroch. Launched on the market in 2016, manufactured in Brazil, it quickly gained position thanks to the demand of those who need a cargo vehicle but, at the same time, use … Read more

What is the value of the “small face” dollar and how to change it?

The dollar “small face” It is one of the oldest designs of the bill in circulation, which shows the face of Benjamin Franklin in a small box, distinguishing itself from the “large face” (also called “medium face”) and blue, which have increased security measures. Where to change the small head dollars? The dollar “small face” … Read more