Discover the Alternative to Cortisone Cream: Protopic Ointment for Long-Term Use Without Side Effects – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-18 02:38:54 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dermatologist Muwafaq Tayeb revealed an alternative to cortisone cream that can be used for a long time without side effects. Protopic ointment Tayyeb said in a video clip he posted on his TikTok account that Elidel cream is waterproof and after a while evaporates and is used in mild cases, while … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Karatay Diet: Permanent Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

2023-10-06 12:36:13 Al-Marsad newspaper: A Turkish cardiologist named Kanan Karatay created the “Karatay” diet, also known as the “Karatay” diet, after years of scientific research, and it became widespread around the world in a short time. The “Qartai” diet was launched in 2011 in Turkey, where its great popularity contributed to its spread around the … Read more

Eight-Year-Old Girl in UK Makes Medical History with Organ Transplant, Skips Lifelong Medications

2023-09-23 17:46:00 The eight-year-old has become the first person in Britain to undergo an organ transplant, without having to take immunosuppressive medications for the rest of her life. Aditi Shankar, who suffers from a rare genetic condition, received a new kidney and bone marrow from her mother Divya. Because she underwent a stem transplant using … Read more

Challenging Inaccurate News: The Truth about Imprisonment for Student Absences

2023-09-07 01:55:23 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Khaled Al-Sulaiman, commented on the news of the imprisonment of a student’s guardian because his son was absent for 20 days without an excuse. imprisonment and absence Al-Suleiman said in his article titled “No Imprisonment for Absence” published in “Okaz” newspaper: I do not know what is the source … Read more

Optimal Breathing Techniques for Improved Health and Weight Loss: Tips from Captain Abu Moaz

2023-09-03 03:10:21 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Captain Abu Moaz said that most people do not breathe properly by filling the lungs with oxygen. And he added, in a video clip to him through his TikTok account, that most breathe with a quarter of the lungs, and carry a quarter of the oxygen, and this negatively affects the … Read more

Laughter Therapy: A Simple & Effective Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-30 00:09:29 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A new study revealed a simple way to treat coronary artery disease and promote heart health, without exercise or diet. The study, presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Amsterdam, showed that laughter can help promote heart health and treat coronary artery disease. By “express”. The … Read more