Border between two worlds | The mail

Glienicke Bridge, which links the Wannsee district of Berlin with Potsdam, the former residence of the Prussian kings. Bridges with history In that of Glienicke, which united both Germanies, hostages were exchanged during the Cold War The Glienicke Bridge spans the River Havel, connecting the Wannsee district of Berlin with Brandenburg’s capital, Potsdam, since 1907. … Read more

Writing a poem: how to write a poem correctly An instruction

1. Forget about your moodsNo one cares what you are feeling. Follow Mallarmé’s maxim that a poem is not made of feelings, but of words. Don’t believe that Heinrich Heine’s “Death, that’s the cool night, life is the humid day, it’s already getting dark, I’m sleepy, the day has made me tired” is so beautiful … Read more

Russia’s Nauka embarrassment: the descent of a proud space nation

400 kilometers above the earth, it is about the reputation of the once proud Russian space travel. The expansion of the ISS space station is planned. But the approach of the new Nauka research module did not initially go according to plan. After a rocket launched the module in space, its main propulsion system temporarily … Read more