‘Youtuber’ compared the price of potatoes in Carulla, Abastos and with peasants

The prices of various foods are triggered by inflation and due to the blockades and situation that exists on the country’s highways. Potatoes, a basic food basket, have not been immune to price increases and today, Colombians look for where to buywithout this costing them more. (You may be interested in: This is a new … Read more

Young man slept one night in sewers in the center of Bogotá and told about his experience

A few months ago the story of the man who lives in a sewer in the center of Bogota for more than 20 years. (See also: Young man entered the remembered Cici Aquapark and was surprised: do they do dark rites?) It is street dweller, known as Lucas, adapted this place to make it his … Read more