Galileo’s Revolution: Discovering Truth and Challenging Authority

2023-09-20 11:18:00 In Brecht’s work, the piece begins with a small but not insignificant reversal in the sentence structure: it is not the sun that shines brightly into the study in Padua, but “the light of knowledge” that shines out. In literary studies, this rhetorical figure is called a hysteron-proteron, a reversal of the temporal … Read more

Delicious Recipe: Apples in a Chocolate Bed with Quince Jelly

2023-09-19 10:00:19 Recipe idea: Apples in a bed of chocolate Woke up and get out of bed, there are apples in a chocolate bed and a blanket of quince jelly. Preparation and preparation: approx. 40 minutes, baking: approx. 45 minutes. 9 small apples (approx. 100 g each; e.g. Gala), peeled1 organic lemon, 1/2 grated zest, … Read more

Unlocking Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Methods

2023-08-27 03:53:21 Non-invasive brain stimulation in a nutshell In psychiatry, traditional treatments include drugs such as antidepressants, physical methods such as electroconvulsive therapy (brief electrical stimulation of the brain), and psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy. These treatments can help the brain rewire and encourage the release of positive neurotransmitters. However, they are not suitable … Read more

Train Malfunction Causes Chaos at Bern Station: Full Report and Eyewitness Accounts

2023-07-09 17:59:00 It’s the second time this week. On Saturday, a train stopped at Bern train station because it was overcrowded. The failure of the train was allegedly announced in an announcement. When some people get off the train, it still drives off – in the direction of Zurich. According to an eyewitness, travelers who … Read more

Zurich Introduces Municipal Minimum Wage: Surprising Approval Ratings and Legal Concerns

2023-06-19 12:18:52 In Zurich, the introduction of a minimum wage was voted for. Observers are surprised by the high approval ratings – especially in certain constituencies. In future, nobody in Zurich should earn less than 23.90 francs (24.46 euros) per hour. At the weekend, 69.4 percent of voters voted for a minimum wage. In Winterthur, … Read more

“Uncovering the Molecular Basis of Alzheimer’s: AFM Technology Reveals Insights into Protein Accumulations in Liquor”.

2023-05-26 05:37:01 molecule in its natural form With the new study, the researchers are adding another piece of the puzzle to their insights into how Alzheimer’s develops and is diagnosed. In an earlier study, the team led by Empa researcher Peter Nirmalraj from the “Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces” laboratory in Dübendorf was able to present … Read more