Taliban hangs 4 bodies from cranes… A reenactment of terrorism

Taliban: 4 kidnappers killed in hostage rescue
Concerns about the realization of ‘politics of terror’ such as gunshots and amputation of limbs in the future

Residents of the Taliban-controlled city of Herat in western Afghanistan look up at a body hanging from a crane in the central square on the 25th. Herat = AP Yonhap News

In Afghanistan ruled by the Islamic militant group, the Taliban, the bodies of four men have been revealed nakedly hanging from a crane. It is evaluated that the politics of terror by the Taliban are finally reappearing. Concerns are growing over the anti-human rights method of the Taliban, which does not hesitate to retaliate with cruelty to opposing forces.

According to the British daily The Guardian on the 25th (local time), on this day, hundreds of citizens gathered in the central square of Herat in western Afghanistan and stared at one place with a bitter expression. The blood-stained bodies of four men were suspended from a crane. On the chest of each corpse was written the phrase, “If anyone kidnaps others, this will happen.” The bodies were subsequently moved to other squares in the city and opened to the public in the same way.

The Taliban said it was “the body of a kidnapper.” “Taliban fighters rescued the hostage safely from the kidnappers,” said Ziaulhaq Jalali, who was appointed by the Taliban to the Herat regional police station. However, he did not answer the question of what kind of hostage incident it was or the reason for the tragic disclosure of the body.

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The measure was taken the day after the Taliban leadership announced that it would “reintroduce strong punishments such as shooting or amputation.” Mullah Nurudin Turabi, who served as Afghan justice minister during the Taliban’s first reign (1996-2001) and was appointed as Minister of Gwonseon Punishment under this administration, said the day before, “According to the Afghan law based on the Qur’an, the death penalty, if not a public execution in public, is not acceptable. “I will revive hard law enforcement such as amputation of hands,” he said.

The international community is expressing concern over the Taliban’s move to use ‘inducing fear’ as a weapon of government. The White House reiterated its previous position, saying, “In order for the Taliban to be recognized as a normal government, it must bear in mind that it must show respect for human rights.”

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