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The first details on the Galaxy Z Flip 2 surface: the foldable smartphone is expected to benefit from a significantly larger external display, new UTG glass, better hinge as well as a bigger battery – it could also embed a screen with a higher refresh rate.

Galaxy Z Flip

While Samsung has just launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and le Galaxy Z Flip 5G, a generally knowledgeable Vietnamese leaker, Chun, takes up the first details around the next generation of this format. The first info is that theThe Galaxy Z Flip 2 should offer a larger external screen. The current model’s 1.1 ″ screen is barely enough to show some simple information, like calls, or mirror what the main photo sensor sees for better selfies.

Galaxy Z Flip 2 set to ditch its tiny 1.1 ″ display

It is not possible to operate the Galaxy Z Flip only through this screen. Suddenly, it is likely that Samsung will do as with the new generation of Galaxy Z Fold, and offers a real functional smartphone screen as we know how to manufacture them in 2020. For the time being, Chun remains. does not go so far as to give a precise size. We will have to wait a few more weeks before reliable information on this point in the technical sheet becomes clear. We hope in any case that Samsung won’t make a ribbon of it as this rumor suggests.

The other info is that Samsung will cover its screen with new UTG (Ultra Thin Glass). UTG technology creates foldable screens that keep a close feel to the touch of conventional smartphone glass. However, the first version of this coating struggled to fulfill its promises: the touch remained close to a polymer coating, and the screen remained particularly sensitive to scratches, including those caused accidentally by the nails.

We therefore hope that the letter G for Glass will finally take on its meaning on this generation. Chum also suggests that the screen will be 120 Hz, but again, this info will have to be corroborated in the coming days. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 would also benefit from an improved hinge – there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area, in particular to make the smartphone more durable and less sensitive to dust. Finally, he would have a larger battery than the 3300 mAh accumulator of the current Galaxy Z Flip.

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Source : PhoneArena

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