Telegram Attacks Advertising Issues, Pavel Durov Explains


CEO Telegram Pavel durov voiced again after his instant messaging service was attacked by disturbing news, namely that Telegram will be infiltrated with ads.

Currently, Telegram is gaining popularity amid privacy concerns in the new policy WhatsApp. The Sensor Tower report reveals that there were more than 63 million downloads in January, making Telegram the most downloaded non-game app worldwide.

The taller the tree, the stronger the wind will blow above it. Telegram feels that way now, when a lot of misleading information carries their names. According to Durov, the hoax aims to warn users not to switch to Telegram.

Through his channel on Telegram, Durov emphasized that Telegram will not implement advertisements in the conversations of its users.

“Users who rely on Telegram as a messaging app, not a social network, will never see advertisements. Private and group conversations have always been and will always be ad-free,” Durov promises.

Although many users of WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications have switched to Telegram, this does not necessarily make companies start to take advantage by implementing advertisements.

Durov also said that Telegram user data would not be used to target ads. Telegram, said the man who is often dressed in black, wants to imitate DuckDuckGo, not WhatsApp or Facebook.

“We believe that it is immoral to collect personal data from users to target ads like WhatsApp-Facebook does. We like the approach of privacy-aware services like DuckDuckGo: monetizing services without collecting information about users,” he explained.

“So if we introduce advertisements in one to many channels, it will be contextual-based on channel topics, not targeted based on any user data,” added Durov.

In most markets, content creators are on Telegram have monetized their content by promoting it on their channel. However, Durov viewed this as inappropriate and considered disturbing.

“We want to remedy this situation by offering privacy-conscious alternatives to channel owners,” he added.

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