Telegram surpasses it in number of downloads in the month of January

After what WhatsApp announce the changes in its terms and conditions, the ‘app’ has received a lot of criticism, even in India, which asked you to withdraw its new policies privacy policy of your country.

Since then, applications such as Signal, which is recommended by Elon Musk —The richest man in the world— have increased in popularity. However, the one that has benefited the most is Telegram, which in January surpassed WhatsApp in downloads.

The ‘app’ of the Russian Pável Dúrov occupied better positions than WhatsApp both in the ‘App Store’ and in the ‘Play Store’ and, in general, it was the most downloaded, even above Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.

Telegram surpassed WhatsApp

The download lists in January were released by Sensor Tower. Below are the main details:

Downloads on ‘App Store’ in January

The most downloaded applications were Tik Tok and YouTube, while WhatsApp ranked seventh.

1. Tik Tok
2. YouTube
3. Zoom
4. Telegram
5. Facebook
6. Instagram
7. WhatsApp

Downloads on ‘Play Store’ in January

In ‘Play Store’, Telegram made the difference. Equally, Signal was in a good position.

1. Telegram
2. Signal
3. Tik Tok
4. MX TakaTak
5. Facebook
6. WhatsApp
7. Instagram

General app downloads in January

The balance sheet showed that Telegram was the most downloaded, beating Tik Tok, Signal, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Zoom.

1. Telegram
2. Tik Tok
3. Signal
4. Facebook
5. WhatsApp
6. Instagram
7. Zoom

Telegram wants more users

The Russian Pavel Dúrov knows that this has been one of the best growth opportunities for his application. Thus, in the latest updates, specified in how to transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram and not lose the history.


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