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The mainland’s every move to regulate Internet platforms has attracted attention. Tencent (00700) Because 9 apps (Apps) in 4 batches were publicly notified of violations, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that Tencent must obtain approval from the authorities before updating existing apps and releasing new apps. This is a “transitional administrative guidance measure.” According to reports, from yesterday to the end of the year, all Tencent products will not be updated until they are approved. Analysis believes that no Tencent apps have been forcibly removed from the shelves. It is expected that this time is not a copy of the Didi Chuxing App being removed.

The news dragged Tencent’s share price down by 2.9% at the end of yesterday, as low as 467.4 yuan, and closed at 472.2 yuan, down 1.87%, and fell 7.2% for 5 consecutive days. Tencent American Depositary Shares (ADS) once fell more than 3%, and closed down only 0.45% to 467.84 in Hong Kong dollars, 0.92% lower than the Hong Kong closing price.

9 products have violations this year

At 6 pm yesterday evening, CCTV quoted the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as saying that since this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has launched a special rectification of application infringements on user rights. Among them, 9 products of Tencent have violated regulations, and 4 batches of them have been publicly notified, which violates the trend of the information communication industry this year. Require.

The CCTV report pointed out that in accordance with the relevant deployment, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has adopted transitional administrative guidance measures for Tencent, requiring that new apps to be released and updated versions of existing apps must undergo technical inspections organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before they are put on the shelves. According to market news, the scope of involvement is all applications under Tencent Computer’s main body. The relevant main bodies include Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd., Tencent Technology Co., Ltd., etc., which have a wide range of implications.

Tencent responded that the group continues to upgrade various measures to protect the rights and interests of users through applications and cooperate with regulatory authorities to conduct normal compliance checks. During this period, users can download and use the existing version of the App as normal. The mainland media has measured that Tencent apps are currently downloaded normally in the official and various app stores. They have not been removed from the shelves and their use will not be affected.

The source told this newspaper that it is unknown how long this suspension of updates will last, but it is not expected to be too long, and the severity of the Didi incident should not be as serious. Gu Xinyu, deputy head of the research department of Bank of Communications International and Internet industry analyst, also believes that Tencent’s current suspension of updates is different from the Didi incident. At present, all Tencent applications can still be downloaded and used without being removed.

Not as serious as Didi

Wang Hua, Investment Director of E-Fang Capital Hedge Fund, mentioned that the Mainland currently has approvals for online games, and it is unknown whether the approval scope will be extended to other applications. He also said that the key lies in whether WeChat and WeChat Mini Programs will stop updating, because it may also affect Tencent’s partners. He believes that it is not just for one company, Tencent, and other companies have the opportunity to be recruited under the new regulations.

Looking through the data, Tencent has violated regulations in a number of applications this year. In May, Tencent’s mobile phone butler “QQ WeChat Protection” was accused of collecting personal information in violation of regulations; and in August, harassing users due to illegal invoking of address books, location information, and open screen pop-ups, WeChat, Tencent Video, Enterprise WeChat, and Tencent Maps rectified Was named incompletely. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology notified Tencent News and QQ Music to request permission beyond the scope and excessively collect personal information from users, and that they must be rectified.

The Mainland has gradually implemented various new regulations. Since the “Personal Information Protection Law” came into effect this month, the regulatory authorities have increased the compliance supervision of user data of various enterprises. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Carrying out Information and Communication Service Perception Improvement Actions” and decided to carry out information and communication service perception enhancement actions from November this year to March next year. Improve the display method of open-screen pop-up messages, etc.

Mainland media reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued new review regulations. From yesterday to December 31 this year, all applications must be reviewed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before being launched, including version updates. It is expected that a review will take 7 days.


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