tests cost more than theft and no one checks them

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Account of a travel experience before the adoption of the European Green Pass: the vaccine does not count, two tests carried out in four days, a mountain of forms and QR codes, but some have more than one trick up their sleeve. After all, self-certification is enough.

Par Alessandra Ziniti (The Republic)

Cost of the return flight Rome-Barcelona: 79 euros. Cost of tests, two in four days: 110 euros. All this despite the vaccine. But to go and visit his daughter who lives abroad, taking advantage of the (hopefully) newfound possibility of traveling without too much risk and of course following the precautions and safety measures imposed by Italy and (in this case) by Spain, we can well make some sacrifices. Sacrifices that would have been welcomed if only they had made sense, that is, if someone (on the way there and back) had actually verified the result of these tests. But this is not the case. Just check the box on a form and scribble a signature at the bottom to go through without difficulty. Like nothing ever happened. As if the Covid had not forced European countries to close their borders, to divide families, to impose quarantines (whose respect has probably never

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