“That day, when I saw the child and his mother …”

Everyone still remembers these images of an apparently shocking video of this cyclist who throws a 4-year-old girl to the ground with a knee blow to make her way through a path in the Fens on Christmas Day. A video that was the subject of a runaway on social networks, causing a lot of hateful and even vengeful remarks and forcing the prosecution to broadcast a national call for witnesses, as for criminal acts. Faced with this surge, the cyclist spontaneously made himself known to the police, where he was detained for a whole night.

He explains himself

With surprising speed for a case of this importance, it was the subject of a trial in the criminal court where the cyclist, Jacques, a 61-year-old Jalhaytois, is being prosecuted for assault and battery. And where he explains: “I have been mountain biking for 35 years, I have traveled 160,000 km and I have never run over anyone. That day, when I saw the child and his mother blocking the path, I warned with a horn that still makes 120 DB (and that we can hear very well on the video shot by the father of child). I saw that they were not reacting, and I felt that I had room to pass. But my bike skidded and I had the reflex to pull my knee apart, a normal reflex in cycling. I felt that I brushed against the kid, but I didn’t see that she fell to the ground. A little further on I saw the angry father screaming, I turned and saw the child who was standing and walking normally. But faced with the threatening attitude of the father, I preferred to leave so as not to make matters worse. I then phoned him to apologize, but he laughed in my face. I then spontaneously went to the Verviers police, after being crucified on social networks. I want to say that I was responsible for a youth school of a mountain bike club, and that I have always been respectful of pedestrians. “

On the other hand, for the public prosecutor, the video projected at the hearing clearly shows that it is a voluntary act emanating from a man undoubtedly annoyed by the number of people he met on his way, and which constitutes a criminal offense. However, he does not make a request for a sanction.

The defense, for its part, wishes to demonstrate the involuntary nature of its gesture, a reflex moreover authenticated by mountain biking pros. She demands the acquittal of Jacques for prosecutions that she considers surprising and even disproportionate, the prosecution treading on its head by participating in the media quash. “Everything is in the intention, and it is not demonstrated” pleads his lawyer.

Judgment on March 3


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