“That ‘Loving is forever’ turns 2,000 is a wonderful miracle”

Manuel Baqueiro (Madrid, 42 years old) is one of the actors who has been present since the first day in the filming of ‘Amar es para siempre’, the Antena 3 series that tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. turns 2,000 episodes. The fiction arrived on the Atresmedia chain in January 2013, however, by then Baqueiro was already more than familiar with Marcelino, his character, since he had been interpreting him since 2005 in ‘Amar en times revolved’, from La 1 de TVE .

-How do you get along with Marce after so many years?

-I get along very well. I’m fucking good. It makes me get the best of myself, because I think he’s a guy with great values. He is very noble, a friend of his friends, faithful, an uncle who gives a lot of love, very generous … I think that Marce has many virtues, and I don’t know if I have so many (laughs), because I have a lot more bad temper, so he is a character that I like very well and that I enjoy doing. If I had to be psycho for 15 years I guess it would be harder, but he is a lovely guy and I am delighted.

-What do you think when you look back?

-Buah. It’s a bit dizzy how fast life goes by. They are 15 years old, which is a stupid thing, but since you never know that you are going to be so long… especially in this profession. It is not that you have a contract with a company and say: “I’m going to be here whatever I want.” This is year to year, audience to audience, month to month, and we could never imagine this. It’s a long time playing the same character, but they’ve always allowed me to make it compatible with theater and other things, and the truth is that we’ve always gotten along very well.

“If I had to give life to a psychopath for 15 years it would be hard, but Marce is great”

-They say that the daily series are very hard, and even so he combines it with theater.

-It’s that the actors are crybabies (laughs). We cry when we don’t work, and when we do we say that it is very hard. It’s a lot of work, but it seemed to me more that I was putting drinks all night to go to castings later. That was hard, and for much less money. It’s a lot of effort, but I think that when you’ve been with the character for a few years and brought up to date on a daily series, you study and memorize quickly, and you execute the sequences with ease. There are a thousand much harder jobs.

-Tomorrow the series turns 2,000 chapters.

-It is a great satisfaction, because every year it is more difficult. There are more platforms, more competition, there are chains that bet on other types of content … and with the same character and the same series, everything can wear out. I think it’s great that people are still interested in the stories that we are telling. Series that have lasted so long there are very few, and above this is daily, that the wear can be greater, because we are there every day. It seems to me a wonderful miracle.

-Have you set the objective of unseating ‘The Secret of Puente Viejo’ as the longest running?

-I don’t really think about that much. It motivates me to be working, enjoy the character and go pulling. Nor do I know how many chapters they made of ‘The Secret of Puente Viejo’.

-They would have just over 300 left.

-They are many. That would be doing another whole season and something else. I don’t know, but I don’t see it as something important either. What I do know is that the three of us who are at El Asturiano (the bar they run in the series) are the characters with the most chapters in the history of Spain. That’s for sure, because between ‘Amar in scrambled times’ (from 2005-2012 on La1) and ‘Amar es para siempre’ nobody has more than José Antonio Sayagués, Itziar Miranda and me. I say it as an anecdote, not to give myself importance.

-Is there a Spanish movie or series in which someone with whom you have worked does not appear?

-Impossible. Every time I do a ‘zapping’ or watch a series, I say: «I’ve worked with this one, with this one, with that one, that director was such». I believe that we have worked with 80% of the profession, which is a pleasure. Normally, you get a project, and you work with the three or four actors out there, and that’s it. This is an exception, as long as the series lasts so long, as it changes everyone except us. It’s funny. Obviously, you feel very sad when people leave, but it also fills you with joy to work with a new one. It is a blessing, because you are training as an actor with very diverse people and with different ways of working and approaching the characters.

“The three of El Asturiano are the characters with the most chapters in the history of Spain”

-How has it been to shoot the ‘spin-off’, ‘Luimelia’, and that Marce reaches 2020?

-We had a very good time. In fact, I’m looking forward to more, because it’s a great show. Carol (Rovira) and Paula (Usero) are wonderful, and it has some very funny and very witty scripts. It is a ‘spin-off’, but at the same time it is very different. It’s cool that the characters in theory are the same, but placed in another time space. It gives a lot of play and is a joy.

-What it does rule out is that ‘Amar es para siempre’ also reaches 2020, right?

-I think it doesn’t work (laughs). With our characters, I say, because we would be dead, by pure mathematics. But you never know. The same in a couple of years the series continues with our children and grandchildren and they end up arriving. Every year is a revalidation and it is getting more and more difficult, but, as long as the public responds, I suppose it will continue, and when it is time to renew … well, to something else, butterfly.


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