that’s the Lady we want to see, more beast mode than Calimero

180 degree turn for friend Damian Lillard. The leader of the Blazers intends to do the dirty on the floors of Orlando and stay as long as possible with Mickey. A namelessly clean jacket flip.

Remember, just a month ago Lady was chuckling in her corner and wanted an end to the season tailored to give Portland a real shot at the Playoffs. Damian Lillard was only campaigning for a tournament from the 7th to the 12th of each Conference to determine the last two playoff spots. If the boy was only partially heard by the NBA, with an eight-game regular-season format before switching to the postseason, Lillard suddenly went from Calimero status to beast mode. In a video call with Shams Charania, reporter for The Athletic, the number 0 clearly announced the color.

“I’m not going there to waste a month and a half of my life and go home. Otherwise, I could have stayed at home the whole time. If I go, I want to stay. I will try to extend my stay there. It is also motivation. […] I think it’s part of my motivation to know that there is a legitimate chance, even more so than when the season has ended.«

After the announcement that Damian Lillard will be the cover athlete of the cover of NBA 2K21, the leader changes gear in his communication. First delighted with this statement? Blazers fans, of course. The leader of their franchise will come back with the knife between his teeth with the bloodthirsty mission to hunt the Bears of Memphis and extend Florida’s stay in the Playoffs. The teammates, then, who can not be more motivated by having seen the video call. We think in particular of Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins, the two interiors absent for most of the season, and who certainly have more to do than play MyGM in preview with their leader on 2K. And the front office in all of this? As a reminder, Jody Patton, owner of the Blazers, was the only one to vote against the 22-team resume format, during a meeting of the 30 franchises. A month later, therefore, there was finally no need to play dissent and be trolled by the world of the orange ball. Sacred Damian. We obviously cannot blame the boy for having changed his mind, on the contrary. A Lillard on full fire is a must watch every night, a Lillard on a mission to snatch the Playoffs is simply unmissable. If all of Oregon is now confident for its team, we imagine that the competitors must sweat profusely. It is not the same thing to read that the leader will be in suits or shorts at the resumption. The water has flowed under the bridges, and Dame DOLLA should feast us on July 30.

This is good news that no one expected. Damian Lillard is finally hot to hit everyone at Mickey’s house with his Blazers. Relief among fans, change of state of mind, a little regained form, watch out for push of Portland in the last eight regular games.

Source texte : Shams Charania/The Athletic

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