The 6 p.m. news – Covid-19: Maracineanu takes stock of access to sports activities

In Paris and in ten other cities where the virus is actively circulating (Lille, Toulouse, Saint-Étienne, Rennes, Rouen, Bordeaux or even Lyon), bars are now asked to close their doors from 10 p.m.. Measurement sanitary The measure comes into force on Monday, September 28.

As for physical activity, it’s a bit more complicated. In these cities, sports halls are closed, but for gyms it all depends on the situation. Roxana Maracineanu, Minister of Sports, explains at the microphone of RTL, that adults will be subject to certain restrictions.

“In confined spaces where wearing a mask is impossible, such as in gymnasiums, there will be restrictions: adults will no longer be able to have access to their activities for 15 days or a month,” said the minister. “However, professionals, children and associations whose activities are aimed at people under 18” will be able to practice their sports normally.

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Marseille Restaurants and bars must now close their doors as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Some bosses have trouble respecting the new health instructions and face penalties.

Tennis – Sunday September 28, Roland-Garros started. Due to the health crisis, the Parisian Grand Slam is upset by the restrictions. Many players have opted for unusual outfits on the tennis courts due to the autumn weather conditions at the start of Roland-Garros 2020.

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