The Albacete winery that triumphs with its colored and cannabis wines

The wines are divided into white, red and rosé, according to viticulture standards. But why can’t they be blue, green, pink, orange, gold and even mixed with a small amount of cannabis? This possibility is what two brothers, Andrés and Lorenzo, turned into reality with the project that they launched almost two decades ago in Caudete (Albacete).

It was in 2003 when Bodegas Santa Margarita was founded, starting from the initial base of the activity that their ancestors had been developing, of Spanish origin but raised in France. Their love for plants and wine led them to create a vineyard nursery that, thanks to the quality of its products, grew until it became one of the pioneering companies in its field: the selection and production of vines of various varieties of grape of a careful quality.

As a consequence of the knowledge acquired over several generations in the field of viticulture, they began to sell grapes to third parties. But, shortly after, Bodegas Santa Margarita made its way in the production and aging of great wines. With their own vineyard of 140 hectares, the types of grapes they work with are: Verdejo, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Garnacha, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Monastrell, Syrah, Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc, between others.

Taking advantage of their commercial network, they embarked on an ambitious project building a winery, where they host activities related to wine tourism and which is endowed with the most innovative facilities, but without turning its back on traditional practices when making wines. The grapes are treated with the utmost care and controlled by an extensive technical team at the foot of the field until they are received, culminating in the bottling of their “Hoya Hermosa” and “Pasion Wines” wines, which meet the specifications of Vinos de la Tierra from Castilla.

However, the 2008 economic crisis forced them to close their bottling plant and sell only wine in bulk. This situation was a turning point in the trajectory of Bodegas Santa Margarita, since they turned everything above. It was then, after a time of reflection, when those responsible for the project decided to create colored wines.

The first of these was its blue wine, which was released in October 2015. These colored wines are obtained by mixing a large amount of white wine with a lower proportion of red grapes, along with a pinch of wort, and the blue color. It is obtained thanks to two pigments: anthocyanins, a component found in the skin of red grapes, and indigotine.

According to Noelia Ribera, one of the managers of the Albacete winery, 300 bottles were taken from that first creation. After several contacts, the supermarkets on the Levante coast put it up for sale, due to Caudete’s proximity to this area, and it had incredible success due to the novelty. “Guiris took them from our hands,” he recalls.

One of the main markets that set the target for this novel wine was Dutch, which began to market it in its country and from there it reached other neighboring countries, although today the fruits of Bodegas Santa Margarita are all over the world, in countries as disparate as Russia, China, Lebanon, the Dominican Republic and even the United States.

The blue wine was followed by pink, made from the Garnacha and Syrah varieties, then orange – highly requested in the Netherlands also for being the colors of the nation -, green and gold, all obtained with natural pigments and skin of the grapes under the name “Pasion Wines”.

And in 2018, the Albacete winery went one step further in its project and created «Winabis», a wine made with cannabis extract (0.01%), «totally legal», says Noelia Ribera, who highlights the three stars that the last year in the «Ibérica Awards» competition held in London.

The objective of this launch, he affirms, “is to be attractive to fans of the youngest in this world. The
 they do not consume much wine and, therefore, it is necessary to innovate to sell ». In any case, the person in charge of Bodegas Santa Margarita has a motto, which is not even painted: «For tastes the colors». .

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