The allegation that “Meteor has fallen” has created excitement, the people of Trabzon went looking for it! Professor warns: ‘Even one meter of meteor does serious harm’

Pain as 20.30 yesterday in Turkey, Erzincan, Erzurum, Van, Trabzon, Artvin, including mobile phone in some cities were thrilled images taken with the camera. After the images claimed to be meteorite fall, some people came to the skirts of Şahinkaya Mountain in Düzköy district and started to search for the alleged fallen sky stones or fragments. Those searching in the land and forest areas encountered pits. The people who were excited for a moment determined that the pit belonged to the tree root, which was broken as a result of his examination. The group of 15 people searching in the forest area with sticks in their hands could not find any traces.

‘If we find his galaxy, we will give it to the state’

Ahmet Yilmaz, who searched in the region, stated that he saw the light beam last night and said, “I looked, the light spread in the sky like a fire. We were surprised, we stayed. I have not seen such a thing until this age. We don’t know where it fell, we wonder. ”

Ömer Sürür said, “We were really surprised. I have never seen anything like this before. We’ve seen these things on TV before. We look at the land, if the falling thing has a harm or not? We did not encounter a negative situation, we are happy for this. We looked at the places where we saw the light during the day. We called but we couldn’t find anything. ”

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Muhittin Civelek stated that they search through the eyes of the daylight where the light is seen, “It was the first time I saw such a light filtering. We were so scared. If we find the meteorite, we will deliver it to our state. ”


According to meteorological officials, at 20:30 last night, it worried the citizens living in the meteorite region, which was seen from Erzincan, Ağrı, Erzurum, Van, Trabzon, Artvin and where it still could not be found. Professor Dr. Orhan Gölbaşı stated that certain information about the meteorite can be detected after the pieces are found and even a meteorite with a diameter of about 1 meter can cause serious damage to the world.

Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) Astronomy Application and Research Center (GÖKMER) Director Dr. Orhan Gölbaşı stated that it was too early to comment and that the meteorite was claimed to have fallen around Erzincan and said:
“Meteors are made up of particles with a mass of mass, often burning into the atmosphere as the earth passes through the ruins left by a comet that has passed before. Sometimes those who are close enough to reach the earth are seen as “fireballs” by being heated due to friction in the air. This is also the case on May 27. The incident is also claimed to be ‘an expected meteor shower’. However, there is no expected meteor shower recently. The closest meteorite rain will take place around the constellation of Aquarius on the night of July 27-28, 2020. The previous one took place on May 5-6. Of course, there is no meteorite incident only between these dates. We estimate that the fireball, which took place on May 27, was the result of a meteorite, which could be called a very large, independent of the meteorite rains we mentioned, entering the atmosphere and burned. ”


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Noting that even a meteorite with a diameter of about 1 meter falls on earth, Professor noted that it may cause serious damage. Dr. Gölbaşı said, “The pit and width to be opened as a result of such a meteorite reaching the earth will be 10 times larger than the diameter of the meteorite. For instance, the meteorite that fell to Arizona, USA, 1.200 meters wide and 170 meters deep, was 50 thousand years ago, only 50 meters in diameter. However, the energy he released was hundreds of times more than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The meteor, which fell to the Great Ocean 65 million years ago, led to the extinction of the dinosaur generation. However, an asteroid of this size in the world, especially Turkey to drop probability is very small, “he said.


Assessing the claims that “a huge meteor will hit the world and cause great damage”, which came to the agenda from time to time, Dr. Gölbaşı said, “Those mentioned in these claims are not meteors, but celestial bodies called ‘asteroids’ or ‘small planets’. The number of these small planets that roam between Mars and Jupiter is more than 1 million. The orbit of about 4 thousand of these coincides with the Earth’s orbit. However, the probability of any one hitting the world is at the level of ‘one million’. For example, on April 29, 2020, these asteroids claimed that 1998 OR2 could hit the Earth. However, he passed the world at a distance of 6 million kilometers. The 2004 FH asteroid was approximately 30 meters in diameter and passed 43,000 kilometers from Earth’s surface at midnight on March 18, 2004. This distance is about 7 thousand kilometers beyond the orbit of the communication satellites. However, such a low probability does not mean that there will never be such a collision, ”he concluded.


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