The American quality rating was dominated by Dodge and Kia, Tesla burned desperately

This year’s result of the evaluation of the quality of new cars brought really unexpected results. Dodge and Kia came in first, while Tesla scored.

American cars have long lagged behind European and Asian brands in terms of production quality. However, this year’s JD Power Initial Quality Study survey yielded very interesting results. The American Dodge with the South Korean brand Kia shared the first place.

The shared first place of the Dodge brand is interesting for American customers for several reasons. The first is the fact that Dodge’s range of models includes several really old models. The second is the fact that the victory of the Dodge brand means the first victory of the domestic carmaker in thirty-four years, which the survey is conducted, as the carmaker stated in a press release in response to the success.

However, the age of the model offer itself was not as big a problem as might be expected. The evaluation of quality in new models depends a lot on problem-free technologies. The most problematic category now includes infotainment systems, which account for up to a quarter of the problems reported with new vehicles.

For example, customers often complain about problems with voice control, poor connectivity of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, problematic touch screens, problematic navigation, bluetooth connectivity, etc.

The shared victory of the Kia brand, which also recorded an average of 136 problems per 100 new vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership, is no surprise. The Korean carmaker has regularly been at the forefront of the last six years.

However, the brands Chevrolet and Ram (141 problems), Mitsubishi (148 problems) or Buick (150 problems) did not do badly this year either. 151 problems were registered for Volkswagen cars and 152 for Hyundai cars. The average was based on 166 problems for 100 cars during the first 90 days of ownership.

Brands such as GMC, Jeep and Cadillac also appeared above the average this year, which, according to JD Power, marks the greatest success of Detroit carmakers in the history of the survey. Finally, they were able to match the imported cars.

However, premium cars ended up well below average. For example, 190 problems were found in Jaguar cars and 202 in Mercedes. The Volvo (210), Audi (225) or Land Rover (228) fared even worse. But someone completely different ended up on the full tail. And again it was an American carmaker.

Although Tesla appeared for the first time in comparison, with the result of 250 problems per 100 new vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership, it headed straight to the end of the table. Although not quite officially. As Doug Betts of JD Power’s Automotive division added, unlike other automakers, Tesla did not give JD Power permission to survey customers in 15 countries where required.

Despite this complication, however, JD Power researchers were able to obtain sufficient data from people from 35 other countries. And on this basis, the results were calculated. However, due to non-compliance with the basic common attributes, they cannot be considered official.


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