The Andros E-Trophy stops at Serre Chevalier

The 3rd stage of the 2021 edition of the biggest car race on ice in the world is being held in Serre-Chevalier (Hautes-Alpes), this weekend. Video presentation.

Under very strict sanitary conditions, the cameras of the video magazine “ E-Trophy Andros »Broadcast by Sport24 on were installed in the resort of the Ecrins massif, Serre-Chevalier. For the third stage of the season, we find on the set a host of pilots around Frédéric Picard, our journalist: Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (4 times winner of the trophy), Clémentine Lhoste, the youngest female pilot (winner of the Trophée des women in 2016), Natan Bihel, Franck Lagorce (the most successful of the event with 23 stage victories) and César Gazeau, 16, the youngest driver in the famous 100% electric ice car race.

Discover the video magazine “E-Trophée Andros”, presented by Frédéric Picard:

A program in a still friendly atmosphere where the pilots share their passions and answer questions from Internet users.


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