The areas that you should not forget when disinfecting the car to avoid Covid-19


Updated:10/11/2020 03: 27h


The second wave of coronavirus has once again set off alarms across the board in prevention and safety. In addition to the perimeter closures, curfew and hospitality business closings, we must add to the personal measures that each one can adopt to avoid contagion.

Vehicle owners who want comprehensive disinfection they do not stop going to specialized cleaning centers and preventive hygiene, although in a particular way a series of guidelines must also be followed, focusing on cleaning and disinfecting the areas of the vehicle through which it is easier to become infected.

The specialists of Alvato Luxury Detailing indicate that although cleanliness of the passenger compartment air is important, ventilation is generally a simple method so that the air is purified and can be freed from the aerosols that have been suspended inside.

But it is also a reality that virus and bacteria particles they remain adhered to the surface and the disinfection work must be important in those areas of greater contact.

Among the most dangerous areas and therefore the ones that we should dedicate the most attention The door handles stand out, since both to enter and to leave the contact is more than evident and repetitive. In addition, they are usually made of metal, one of the surfaces on which virus remains remain the longest.

The steering wheel is the driving guide and is therefore a very high contact area. It is not a punctual contact but continued with one or both hands so the risk of contagion is evident even if it is not made of metal. But the skin that covers it is a deposit of microorganisms.

The gear lever whether it is an automatic or a manual car, it is still a recurring contact area. Some knobs are also made of metal, which implies an even greater risk due to the prevalence of the virus on this surface.

Finally seatbelt It is still another of the elements that we contact and that, in addition, is closer to the face than the others. The danger of being in contact with the virus so close when, in addition, 80% of drivers do not use a mask makes disinfection of this area vital.

In addition to disinfection, prevention work Using homologated nanotechnological products that eliminate microorganism particles that settle on any surface is essential.

Given the importance of the social awareness disinfection must have, some centers specialized in these activities, such as Alvato, perform disinfection for free.

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