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The argayo of the Pajares ramp caused the Vodafone failure that left many Asturians without internet

The impact of a freight train against an argayo on the Pajares ramp has not only left a serious injury, rather, it has been the cause of many Asturians experiencing failures in your internet connection with Vodafone. The complaints focused on problems with Internet service, both with the home router and with mobile data. The service was restored at dawn on Wednesday after three days of incidents, as reported by the telephone company.

The telephone company reported at first that the problems on the Asturias and Cantabria lines were caused by the heavy rains in recent days. After analyzing what happened, they add another factor: the cutting of the train track due to a railway accident in Robledo. On many occasions, companies take advantage of the railway infrastructure to introduce their telecommunications systems. From Vodafone they clarify that the fiber network has been affected, “and to a lesser extent the mobile network”, for three days and they apologize for this incident that has angered many users.

The breakdown caught many users who were trying to use the Internet on Monday night by surprise and noticed a failure in their connection. Some complaints that were reflected through social networks. “It is not normal for three consecutive nights starting at 11:00 pm, the total coverage (network, data and Wi-Fi) of @vodafone_es goes for so many hours. I understand problems for temporary one day during the 10 hours of breakdown, but every night… a service is paid to have it ”, a user complained. “Are you aware of the economic damage that you cause @vodafone_es leaving us without internet, data or line, totally isolated, to the people who need all this for our work? In my case it is the end of the month, with work to send, you have screwed me up but well ”, commented another user on the blue bird social network.


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