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The art of the Keserwany sisters to exorcise the evils of Lebanon




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Michelle and Noel Keserwany, Lebanese sisters and artists, use art to denounce the evils afflicting their country.

Michelle and Noel Happiness are multi-talented Lebanese sisters and artists. They have been denouncing for a decade through their clips the evils that plague their country. “When you open your eyes in a country that attacks you in every corner of your everyday life, it is not possible, you find it obvious to answer”, considers artist Noel Happiness. Between corruption and injustice, what is the real problem in Lebanon? “There are so many things we want to talk about, and it’s so beyond us”, adds Michelle Keserwany, who Explain want to “translate the experience” on “a clear message”.

L’art canit be a solution to the problems? “One of the weapons that politicians use to kill people’s actions, and make them passive, is to kill the imagination too. Art serves to remind us that we have the right to imagine a daily life which is very simple, much better than what we live “, how Christmas Happiness. The artist also wishes “to broaden” the artistic creation area, in order to “to try to expand [la] zone of freedom of expression “.


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