The best film is The Social Network, said Tarantino. He himself “secretly” wrote film critics Culture

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LOS ANGELES According to one of the most famous cinephiles, directed by Quentin Tarantino, the best film is The Social Network by director David Fincher, which “crushed all competition”. He named the war feature film Dunkirk second. Tarantino is really good at movies, which he did in reviews written on the movie blog.

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In an interview with Premiere magazine, Tarantino stated that his favorite film is perhaps surprisingly a drama about the creation of the social network Facebook. The film was made by award-winning director David Fincher (Disappeared, Fight Club) based on a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin (Great game, Steve Jobs) and network founder Mark Zuckerberg was played by American actor Jessie Eisenberg (Scammers, Earth zombies).

Actress Dakota Fanning with colleague Jesse Eisenberg known from the film Social Network.

“It’s number one on my list simply because it’s the best movie ever. That’s all, “Tarantino described his choice. Fincher’s film turned three of the eight Oscar nominations in 2011. He lost the statuette for the best film of the year with The king’s speech director Tom Hooper.

“We know he loves Tarantino Midnight in Paris (his favorite film from 2011), Crazy Max: The Furious Journey (his favorite film from 2015), but we were not surprised that he chose a work for his favorite film, for which the great Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay. Tarantino called him the best living author of dialogues, “commented Premiere magazine on the director’s choice.

Tarantino doesn’t hide that he is a Sorkin fan. He has previously stated that he sees each episode of his series three times. “I’ll look into it on Sunday at seven in the evening when it premieres. Then I’ll look at it again right away. Usually I see it again in a week, just so I can listen to those great dialogues, “said Tarantino.

Tarantino named the war film as the second best film ever Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, Beginning).

At the end of March this year, Quentin Tarantino wrote under film reviews on the blog of New Beverly Cinema, a company he owns. But he didn’t brag about it anywhere, and the bookmark with his reviews was relatively difficult to find, so its discovery caused a shock on the Internet. Moreover, it is definitely not about some short-lived texts by a film fan, but about erudite and logically arranged film analyzes with pop-cultural references.

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