The best game ever is “Dark Souls”, GOTY is “Bio Village” and domestic works are feats! “Golden Joystick Awards” Winners Announcement | Game * Spark

The historic game award sponsored by overseas media GamesRadar + “Golden Joystick Awards 2021The award-winning works have been announced.

In addition to the 18 categories, the Golden Joystick Awards, which are selected by general voting, celebrate the 50-year history of video games, “Ultimate Game of All Time” and “Best Gaming Hardware of All Time”. There are two special departments of “Hardware)”.

Golden Joystick Award 2021 Winners List

  • Best Storytelling:“Life is Strange True Colors”

  • Best Multiplayer Game –『It Takes Two』

  • Best Audio –“Resident Evil Village”

  • Best Visual Design –“Ratchet & Clank Parallel Trouble”

  • Best Game Expansion -『Ghost of Tsushima” Tan of Iki

  • Mobile Game of the Year -『League of Legends: Wild Lift ”

  • Best Gaming Hardware –PlayStation 5

  • Best Indie Game -『Death’s Door』

  • Studio of the Year –Capcom

  • Best Performer –Maggie Robertson (Mrs. Dmitresk)

  • Breakthrough Award –Housemarque

  • Best Game Community –“FINAL FANTASY XIV”

  • Still Playing Award –“FINAL FANTASY XIV”

  • PC Game of the Year –『HITMAN III』

  • Nintendo Game of the Year –“Metroid Dread”

  • Xbox Game of the Year -『Psychonauts 2』

  • PlayStation Game of the Year –“Resident Evil Village”

  • Most Wanted Game –『ELDEN RING』

  • Critics Choice Award -『DEATHLOOP』

  • Ultimate Game of the Year –“Resident Evil Village”

  • Ultimate Hardware of All Time –PC

  • Ultimate Game of All Time –『DARK SOULS』

The Game of the Year was won by “Resident Evil Village”, and in the best game category in history, from software’s famous historical masterpieces such as “Minecraft”, “GTA V”, “Tetris” and “Half-Life 2” were suppressed. “DARK SOULS” won the award, and domestic titles became a feat for the second time in a row.


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