The bizarre explanations of Mesut Özil after a traffic offense

Soccer “Very low engine noise”

The bizarre explanations of the flashed Mesut Özil

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Mesut Özil? “Wants to be as honest as possible”

After Mesut Özil was flashed, he fights in court for his driver’s license. In terms of sport, things are not going well for the former international. He plays absolutely no role at Arsenal FC. Here Gunners trainer Mikel Arteta speaks about the situation.

Mesut Özil has not been in demand at Arsenal for a long time. It only becomes noticeable off the field. Now he’s fighting for his driver’s license in court and making amazing excuses.

Mesut Özil (32) is fighting for his driver’s license in court. The professional from Arsenal FC was flashed from training on July 2nd at 11.50 a.m. at 97 mph (approx. 156 km / h) on the drive home. Now the negotiation is on.

Özil was remorseful, but provided a curious reason for his frenzy. He confused mph with km / h on his speedometer. In clear mathematical terms: his speedometer showed 97 as he thought “kilometers per hour”. Which may be surprising after seven years in England.

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Especially since his Mercedes G-Class is a German car, but his speedometer still shows “miles per hour”. Instead of traveling at 97 km / h, Özil was dashing across the road at 97 mph. So much faster: around 156 km / h.

“Autobahn practically empty”

Özil stated in his statement: “I am a German citizen and obviously used to driving vehicles that show the speed in kilometers and not in miles per hour.”

The 2014 world champion further explains: “Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the motorway was practically empty. The only explanation I can give is that my concentration must have temporarily decreased due to the lack of other vehicles on the road. “

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Another attempt by Özil to explain: “The vehicle I was driving has very little engine noise and is an automatic transmission.”

How to twist and turn it: Özil was clearly too fast. In the UK, the speed limit is 70 miles per hour (about 110 km / h) on motorways and expressways.

Özil fully accepts his guilt, but pleads for a fine instead of a driving ban because he has so far been able to show a clean slate on England’s streets. He is also dependent on the car because he has to train every day, his wife doesn’t drive and he has a seven-month-old daughter.


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