The blue dollar fell and the “tourist” exceeded $ 94:: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

The blue dollar yielded to $ 123 in the city on Thursday and the so-called “solidarity” dollar exceeded $ 94, in a round in which the Central Bank bought US $ 104 million.

The currency in the Buenos Aires parallel market thus registered a decline of $ 1 compared to last day, when it had remained stable.

The retail dollar was offered this Thursday at an average of $ 72.34, but with the Country Tax surcharge, the value amounts to $ 94.04.

The “greenback” rose 19 cents from Wednesday and thus pierced the $ 94 ceiling for the first time.

In the wholesale sector, the exchange rate gained five cents and traded at $ 69.31.

Thus, the dollar in the market where financial institutions and companies operate cut with the daily rate of increase of nine cents and marked an upward adjustment that was not exposed since the beginning of March. .

The gap with the blue dollar narrowed again and stood at 77.4 percent.

Official sources told NA that the Central Bank ended Thursday with a buying position of US $ 104 million.

The organization led by Miguel Pesce accumulated purchases of over US $ 900 million to strengthen its reserves since the new exchange market access regulations launched in late May.

Operators estimated that, at the wheel, the volume traded in the cash segment was US $ 216,856 million, while they highlighted an increase in income in the exchange market.

They also calculated that the agro-export sector entered some US $ 151,237 million on the exchange market on Wednesday.

The cash with liquidation, used for the purchase of stocks and bonds in order to legally leak foreign currency, fell just over $ 1 to settle at $ 112.80.

Meanwhile, the dollar bag, used in the purchase and sale of bonds to acquire foreign currency, lost about 17 cents

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