The Boom 2 Facebook page deleted: “Looks like we got them a little pissed off”

While the Boom 2 should be held this Saturday 1st May, the event’s Facebook page was deleted this Thursday afternoon, at the request of Philippe Close. The mayor of Brussels would have contacted the Ministry of the Interior who in turn referred the request to the prosecution. Facebook would therefore have acted at the request of the prosecution.

The police had also already contacted the social network a few days ago in order to suppress the event. The Boom 2 has worried the authorities for several days, they want at all costs to prevent the events of April 1 from happening again.

The spokesperson for Boom 2, Dave Monfort, revealed to our colleagues at Sudinfo that the organization had not been informed by Facebook of this deletion. “We were starting to approach 30,000 people. We were going to open the bottle of champagne,” he said.

“Ensuring the safety of people, both on and off our platforms, is a top priority. We have been informed by local authorities that the event page in question did not meet current legal requirements, related to Covid- 19. We investigated the content in depth and decided to block the event page “, for his part told a spokesperson for Facebook to our colleagues in Le Soir.

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