The British tourism sector calls for European coordination to recover

Directors of British tourism sector want European and global coordination to ensure its recovery in 2021. It is up to the governments to create shared standards and protocols so that the test system allows them to plan the next summer vacation with confidence, according to them. And they advocate a digital passport as a way of standardizing global transport.

These could be the generic conclusions of a day (‘Putting travel back on the map’, organized this week by the magazine ‘Travel Trade Gazette’), in which executives of operators, marketing managers and companies related to the aviation expressed optimism about the sector, they pointed to customer trust as the essential factor and they were very critical of their government.

Garry Winson, CEO of easyJet Holidays, he remembered that Internet search for trips to the Canary Islands grew by 900% when it was anticipated that London would eliminate, on October 26, the Requirement of passengers from the archipelago to pass a 14-day quarantine upon entering the United Kingdom. On the 27th, the Canary Islands Government announced the requirement of each passenger for a negative test certificate, at a cost of 130 euros. On the 31st, Boris Johnson announced the confinement from this Thursday and the prohibition of unnecessary travel.

The company, associated with the airline and relaunched in the vacation package segment following the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook in 2019, believes that their destinations in Spain, Greece and Turkey have a great futurebecause their clients “recognize” them in this uncertain time. But, according to Winson, “in the next six to eight weeks, governments have to create the feeling that people can plan next year’s summer vacation with ease.”

Nick Dyne of Caircraft who provides emergency clinical equipment, also covid test, to airlines, and John Grant, aviation consultant, agreed that both governments and companies in the sector, airports and airlines in particular, have created a lot of confusion by not coordinating on common test types and protocols. Grant believes that the answer must be global and that the only solution is the use of chips in passports with information also on covid.


The Annual expenditure by British tourists in Spain was estimated, before the pandemic, at around 12,500 million euros, which will probably be reduced by ‘Brexit’. But the fall in tourism these months has another dimension. According to figures from ForwardKeys, a provider of commercial aviation data, Spain has lost 78.1% of the flights that arrived in 2019 since the beginning of this year, 73.5% of those from European airports.

Oliver Ponti, director of the company, points to recovery when opportunities have opened and the need for companies in the sector to be quick and flexible to respond to these openings at this juncture. It does not foresee a speedy recovery for a disappeared sector, the business trip and conventions. The World Tourism Fair (WTM) starts on Monday in London in virtual format.

Marketing executives believe that an industry with its reputation damaged by the conduct of some companies to return or change reservations during the pandemic now has to offer clarity. As long as the uncertainty lasts, your advertising campaigns will be based on digital media because they are flexible, they do not require a large prior investment, and also in media that customers trust.


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