the canteen is lacking for teleworking employees

Employee of a public company in the Center-Val de Loire, Bastien no longer sees the meridian break very favorably since he has been required to telework. This forty-something found himself “Very helpless” when he had to go to the stove to prepare his lunch: “In addition to the gym that was made available to us, obviously closed since March, I miss the canteen a lot”, he explains. So much so that he does not hesitate “To skip meals” when his workload is too heavy.

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From the start of his schooling to his entry into the world of work fifteen years ago, including his years at university, the canteen has been part of his daily life: “It allowed me to eat properly and balanced, inexpensively”, details this father of two children. In his company restaurant, he had a starter, a hot main course and a dessert for less than € 6, “An incomparable price”. Although, for the time being, the legislation does not require employers to take charge of lunch for teleworking employees, his company has issued him, as compensation, meal vouchers.

Set a rhythm

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The employers of Marie-Élise and Nicolas Bouvier, lawyers in the Paris suburbs, do not offer such services. As for Bastien, this couple in their thirties now receives meal tickets, which they used, during the first days of the confinement of March 2020, “To live like students on the eve of an exam, eating pizzas or sandwiches on the go”, they squeal.

Fearing that the sedentary lifestyle imposed on their lifestyle will make them gain weight, they now want to stop “Feed anyhow”. Every lunchtime, one of the two alternately prepares a simple and varied meal. “It’s a little demanding but necessary”, agrees Marie-Élise. “The meal has become our valve. With hindsight, we realized that the practice of teleworking is only tenable if we impose a rhythm, small rituals. ” As soon as the epidemic situation allows them to return to the office, they will not be “Not unhappy” to find their “Colleagues become friends” in the canteen.

An alternative solution is available to teleworkers. Start-ups such as Popchef, Frichti or FoodChéri, which are developing the concept of a digital canteen, have emerged thanks to the rise in teleworking. Some of these platforms which, before the crisis, provided meal trays – ordered online – in SMEs now offer to extend delivery to the homes of employees on teleworking days.


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