“The Caribbean will be the epicenter of the energy transformation”: President Duque

This Saturday, November 7, the solar energy generation project, Pétalo de Córdoba I, which will be able to generate around 17 gigawatt hours per year.

The solar farm has more than 27 thousand solar panels.

The event was called by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and was attended by President Iván Duque Márquez.

“I remember that during the campaign we went to many forums and there was so much disbelief about what we were proposing. However, after 26 months of government we have multiplied by six the alternative energy generation capacity that we had in 2018. That is a revolution of unconventional renewable energies that are underway and they continue to grow to reach more than 2,500 megabytes of installed capacity ”.

The Pétalo de Córdoba I project has the capacity to generate energy for more than 8,300 families.

In his address the president Ivan Duque Marquez He continued saying that “here we have 27 thousand solar panels, we are talking about more than 12 megabytes of installed capacity, which will benefit more than 8 thousand families that could receive energy with this solar park.”

The presidential president explained that the strategy works through the so-called self-consumption in which the private company finances the energy that is subsequently discounted.

“For example, Almacén Éxito finances this solar farm, puts it into operation and provides energy to the grid; with that it compensates the consumption of almost 27 stores. That is the demonstration that self-generation can be done in a different way, I celebrate that and we want to continue multiplying”, He added.


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