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The corpse of a 65-year-old couple in Gaoshi lived in the house, and the cause of death remains to be investigated. (Photo by reporter Huang Liangjie)

2021/08/30 05:55

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[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report]At about 0:30 am today (30) in Qianjin District, Gaoshi, there was a shocking report of a couple’s double corpse. The cause of death is still pending police investigation.

It is understood that two people died for more than two days. The wife (64 years old) was found lying lying in the bedroom on the first floor of the Jinqu residence. When the paramedics arrived, her husband was surnamed Zhuang (65 years old). He died on the 4th floor of his home.

The police forensic officers rushed to the scene to collect evidence. As for whether the husband and wife find shortcomings together? Or processing suicide homicides? The police did not respond, stressing that the case is still under investigation and clarification.

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