The challenges of King Charles III: reconciling with Prince Harry and the Commonwealth

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Just days before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, excerpts from a new book on the legacy of the late monarch and the future challenges of the Royal Familythis time commanded by the rey Charles III has begun to reach the media.

The post was written by the actual expert, Katie Nicholl, y lleva por nombre “The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown”. In the preview you posted Vanity Fairits author reviews the immediate challenges of the new reand, those that include the Prince Harry.

Katie Nicholl posits that “While King Charles III appears to have the support of his people, his path is not guaranteed to be an easy one.” The writer reviews the immediate problems of the new monarch, highlighting two: “The family abdication of their youngest son and daughter-in-law and the complete disgrace of their brother, Prince Andrewthe Duke of York, who has been stripped of his honorary titles and royal role.”

Therefore, it seems logical that his first big challenge is to make peace with the Duke of Sussex. According to the author, “Charles is said to desperately want to reconcile with his son Harry, But it remains to be seen whether the rift that caused the queen so much discomfort will actually be resolved.”

As for Prince Andrew, things seem to be clearer, since there would be consensus between His Majesty and Prince William that the Duke of York “will never again represent the family on the public stage.”

The Commonwealth, the most important challenge of King Charles III

Then this one of the greatest challenges for King Charles III: the Commonwealth. Katie Nicholl assures that Queen Elizabeth “was revered, celebrated”, but that there are many people in countries like New Zealand and Australia who they want “a hereditary monarchy, with its seat thousands of miles away on another continent, to die with it.”

“Charles is well aware that the future of this voluntary group of nations is uncertain.and has said that it is ‘a matter for each member country to decide'”.

A scene of greater care is what may happen with the Scottish independence movement, which is seen as an “existential threat” to the UK. According to a source close to the new monarch, “His absolute concern is to keep the union intact.” Otherwise, “it would become a big problem in terms of our global status.”

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