The Chinese Embassy in Uganda issues a safety reminder in the explosion in the capital of Uganda

October 25, 2021 06:27 Source: CCTV News ClientParticipate in the interaction

An explosion occurred in the capital of Uganda, and our embassy in Uganda issued a safety reminder

On the evening of October 23, local time, an explosion occurred in a restaurant in the Kawenpe area on the outskirts of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, resulting in 1 death and 3 injuries.

△ Ugandan President Museveni posted on social media condemning this

△ Ugandan President Museveni posted on social media condemning this

Ugandan President Museveni posted on social media on the 24th local time condemning this, stressing that Uganda will crack down on all criminal activities and calling on the public not to panic because of this. The Uzbek police issued a statement on the same day, stating that the bombing was a “long-planned domestic terrorist act.” During the incident, the three people pretended to be diners and went to the restaurant to order food and left a package containing an explosive device, then left and detonated the explosive device. The statement said that the Uzbek police are currently pursuing the suspects, and the Uzbeks are required to be highly vigilant about the surrounding environment and suspicious persons. The statement also stated that the British and French governments had indeed issued terrorist warnings before, but did not provide relevant specific information. The relevant media should not hype the matter, let alone blame the Uzbek police for this.

In view of the above situation, the Chinese Embassy in Uganda once again reminded overseas Chinese in Uganda and Chinese-funded institutions:

(1) Continue to pay close attention to Uzbekistan’s security situation, maintain a high degree of vigilance, minimize unnecessary outings and gatherings, and strictly guard against public security risks.

(2) Strengthen safety precautions and risk awareness, pay attention to strengthening the safety precautions of the company and its resident sites, check the fenced power grid, cameras and alarm systems to ensure the normal operation of relevant security measures. Investigate hidden dangers in a timely manner, strengthen the security background check and prevention of mailed items and newly hired personnel, and plug security loopholes. Prepare all kinds of emergency preparedness in advance, properly keep valuables, reduce the use of large amounts of cash, and avoid “exposing wealth” and going out at night.

(3) In case of suspicious or emergency situations, please report to the police and contact the embassy in time. (Headquarters reporter Ma Peimin)


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