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“You will soon notice a change in vocabulary in the speeches of the leaders of the majority. They will no longer say the English or South African variant but quite simply the variants, or, when it is necessary to distinguish, the variant detected in the United Kingdom or in Brazil ”… It is a strategist of the macronie who informs us of this slogan which appeared at the end of last week on the restricted Telegram loop“ of coordination of the executives of the majority ”.

A sort of health political correctness according to which associating a pathogen with a nation would be the mark of the populists as when Trump said “the Chinese virus”. Stéphane Séjourné, MEP and political advisor to Emmanuel Macron, agrees with our newspaper: “I consider that it is stigma that can be dangerous. Trying to believe that one type of variant is a country’s business can slow down an effective global response. I understand the message has been sent to the government to stop using those words. “

Logical, since the president’s entire strategy for the next presidential election is based on the frontal (and Manichean?) Opposition between two camps: the populists on the one hand, and republican progressivism on the other. What is more, power is such a burnt out vocabulary to the point of becoming ultra-cautious. The unfortunate formula of “essential businesses” had sparked the fury of all those forced to close, who felt humiliated. The simple fact of saying “essential shops” would undoubtedly have made it possible to avoid stirring up the smoldering fire.

After a year of crisis, the government is forging a maxim: the choice of words, essential, to face the shock of the Covid.

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