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The appearance of at least 50 dead animals in Chile is a mystery. Apparently they were attacked by a creature that could not be identified. The events occurred in the town of Colchane, in the Tarapacá region, in the South American country.

Among the dead animals are llamas and alpacas, which since November have been bled and with deep holes in the side of the neck.

The town’s ranchers have reported the unusual attacks in the Central Citani sector, which is located 3 kilometers west of a border area with Bolivia.

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Andrea Nieto, a veterinarian in the area, told the media ‘Meganoticias’ that the dead cattle had “a perforation, but they are two holes, they are fangs, because it anchored the teeth or whatever and pierced the meat at the height of the thorax, like lungs. It is not from a predator here ”.

This could be done by a person, because these wounds are not made by an animal

He also indicated that the markings on the body of the young were not from the usual predators of the areas, among which are cougars and foxes, and that it could even be a human being.

“They are only two perforations where the blood is sucked. It is necessary to investigate because, even, this could be done by a person, because these wounds are not caused by an animal, “said the expert.

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The hypotheses are many. Some say that it may be a pack, that is, a group of dogs that participate in hunting. However, the locals deny this option because the animals are not eaten, but their blood is sucked through a bite.

“We don’t know what animal it is. You only see that it makes holes in the animals and feeds on their blood. He has not eaten any piece of meat, or guts, or anything. At night he comes, takes out the young and kills them, “said Luis Choque Choque, one of the affected ranchers, to the same medium.

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The animals attacked in Chile are llamas and goats.

On the other hand, the peasants have identified the attacker as a ‘chupacabra’, a legendary animal that was reported in Puerto Rico in the 1990s. At that time several sheep were found with holes through which all their blood was drawn. Something similar to what is happening in Chile.

“There are some who say it is the ‘Chupacabra’, but we have never seen it. What I did is that I never saw this type of attack. It seems that it is another type of animal, which is doing a lot of damage to our livestock“added Shock.

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If necessary, we will send reports to other entities and NGOs

The last theory, which has been exposed by another of those affected, indicates that “It may be the so-called ‘Condemned’ (mythological entity, zombie type)It is said that he was around here because he is an animal that only bites and bleeds “.

The mayor of Colchane, Javier García, spoke about this: “We provide all the information to determine what type of animal or being is attacking our llamas in this area“.

He also indicated that “if necessary we will send reports to other entities and NGOs so that they can help us find this creature.”

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