The Civil Guard evicts a violent passenger from a Madrid-Paris Iberia flight due to the use of a mask

A passenger on an Iberia plane who I was going to take off from Madrid to Paris He was evicted by the Civil Guard due to his aggressiveness towards the flight attendants regarding the use of the mask, according to witnesses.

The incident occurred on the plane that covered flight IB3442 from Madrid Barajas to Paris Orly 2:25 p.m., and that it was heading to the runway head to take off.

Shortly before takeoff, the flight personnel reproached the passenger for he wore the mask incorrectly placed, below his nose, an eyewitness explained to Efe.

The passenger, a man in his 30s and 40s who spoke French, replied making a fuss, yelling and punching, after which he reluctantly put on the mask.

The flight commander left the cockpit to speak to him and then the plane returned to the terminal.

There, four Civil Guard agents boarded the plane to take the passenger, who did not resist, to the applause of the rest of the passenger, the source explained. Finally, the plane took off about 45 minutes late.


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