The clues point to the extended Remmo family

KShortly after the spectacular theft of jewels from the Dresden Green Vault almost a year ago, investigators had suspicions. The act had been carried out with such audacity that she immediately caught sight of the large Arab family Remmo in Berlin. Some members of the clan family had previously committed sensational thefts. The suspicion seems to have been proven on Tuesday. With a large contingent of more than 1,600 officers from eight federal states, the police were on duty in Berlin.

The officers searched 18 properties, including ten apartments, garages and vehicles. Several objects were located in the Neukölln district, which is particularly affected by clan crime and where many members of the Remmo family live. There were also searches in Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg and other parts of the city, as a spokesman for the Dresden Police Department said.

During the night, special police forces from several federal states, including the GSG 9, arrested three urgently suspect men. There are two twenty-three-year-olds and one twenty-six-year-old, as the Dresden public prosecutor announced. All are members of the Remmo family and German citizens. You are in custody. The Dresden District Court put the already existing arrest warrants for serious gang theft and arson into effect, as the public prosecutor announced in the afternoon. The three suspects urgently have not yet commented on the allegations. The police are publicly looking for two other suspects from the extended family. They are the 21-year-old twins Abdul Majed Remmo and Mohammed Remmo. They were not found at their home address that morning.

These two brothers are being searched for.

These two brothers are being searched for.

Image: EPA

The act of November 25, 2019 was extraordinary due to the brazen approach. Two men got into the Historical Museum in Dresden around five in the morning, cut up an iron window grille and destroyed the window behind it. Then they smashed the safety glass of a showcase with an ax in several blows and fled with jeweled jewelry that is said to be worth several hundred million euros – apart from the inestimable historical value. The break-in is said to have lasted only a few minutes. The first escape vehicle, an Audi A6, was parked by the alleged perpetrators in an underground car park shortly after the theft and set on fire. According to the “Bild” newspaper, they had provided a powerful Mercedes in Dresden that was disguised as a taxi for their further escape via the autobahn to Berlin.

One of those arrested is Wissam Remmo

Many of the eleven stolen pieces of jewelry as well as parts of two other objects belonged to the sets of the legendary Saxon king August the Strong. The large raid on Tuesday was intended to find traces of the stolen art treasures. The officers therefore searched for computers and cell phones, clothing and tools that could be used as evidence.


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