The continuity of Reinaldo Rueda in the Chilean national team was suspended

The Colombian recognized the risk of being fired, but affirmed that his intention is to continue: the team registers four points out of 12 possible. Panorama similar to that of Colombia.

The coach of the Chilean team, the Colombian Reinaldo Wheel, was self-critical after the 2-1 defeat this Tuesday of his team against Venezuela on the fourth date of the South American qualifier for the World Cup in Qatar-2022.

“(It is) an adverse result that, for sure, we did not expect because of the way the team was coming, but that is the game and Chile could not be found from the first minute,” he declared Wheel in wheel reports after the setback at the UCV Olympic Stadium in Caracas, which leaves La Roja with four points in seventh place.

For long periods of time, the coach accepted, the Red did not spin a “collective game, a coherent game.”

When asked about a possible departure from the position of Chile coach after the fall to Venezuela, Wheel admitted the “risk.”

“All the games that are lost are going to have that risk,” he said.

However, he hopes to remain in the position when the qualifiers resume in March: “It is a qualifying that has been difficult and hopefully we can rethink it for next year.”

This is how the qualifier to Qatar 2022 goes

Results fourth date:

Ecuador 6 (R. Arboleda, 5 ′; A, Mena, 8 ′; M. Estrada, 31 ′; X. Arreaga, 38 ′; G. Plata, 78 ′ and P. Estupiñán, 91 ′) vs. Colombia 1 (J. Rodríguez, 45 ′)

Venezuela 2 (L. Del Pino, 9 ′ and S. Rondón, 81 ′) vs. Chile 1 (A. Vidal, 15 ′)

Uruguay 0 vs. Brazil 2 (Arthur, 34 ′ and Richarlison, 45 ′)

Paraguay 2 (Á. Romero, 14 ′ and Kaku, 72 ′) vs. Bolivia 2 (M. Moreno, 41 ′ and B. Céspedes, 45 ′)

Peru 0 vs. Argentina 2 (N. González, 11 ′ and L. Martínez, 17 ′)

PTS positions.

1. Brazil 12

2. Argentina 10

3. Ecuador 9

4. Paraguay 6

5. Uruguay 6

6. Chile 4

7. Colombia 4

8. Venezuela 3

9. Peru 1

10. Bolivia 1

Next date, March 25, 2021

Colombia vs. Brazil

Argentina vs. Uruguay

Bolivia vs. Peru

Chile vs. Paraguay

Venezuela vs. Ecuador


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