The cost of back to school should increase sharply, according to the Confederation of Families

A recovery “not serene for families»: With the approach of a new school year still fraught with health uncertainties, the Union Confederation of Families (CSF) alerted on Tuesday to the increase in back-to-school expenditure, estimated at 6.2% compared to 2019.

This change does not take into account the expenditure for health products, such as hydroalcoholic gels or masks. Now this represents “a significant cost” while, “for the moment, we have no proposals allowing to say that the State wants to take into account this additional cost“, Retorted Aminata Koné, general secretary of the association, evoking a”recovery that is not serene for families».

Many uncertainties

According to the CSF, the increase in the cost of the 2020 rent can be explained in particular by the desire to “want to erase the bad memory of confinement“By making children happy with slightly more expensive supplies, by the exceptional increase in the back-to-school allowance of 100 euros which”may have encouraged families to be less careful about prices“, By the desire to favor products from France, or by the anticipation of”possible needs»In case of re-containment.

Because the uncertainty about the health situation weighs on spending. “There are question marks on both sides, teachers are also asking questions», Points out Johan Jousseaume, confederal secretary of the Education sector of the CSF. “During confinement, it was sometimes relatively difficult to be in contact with the families, there is a necessary adaptation which results in much higher costs at the start of the school year.».

«The health crisis revealed complicated situations“, Adds Aminata Koné,”digital technology must enter into the equipment of every child and the State must contribute to it, whether for equipment, subscriptions, or even ink for printers, for example. Families have suffered and are still suffering the repercussions of this health crisis.»

Each year, the CSF relies on its network of local branches to interview families all over France on the cost of their children’s schooling. This year, 243 families responded to detailed questionnaires. However, among the responding families who declared having a job, 38.5% of them “suffered a loss of salary ranging from 100 to 400 euros“, And almost half”said they ran out of money for basic necessities».


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