The countries where you can drive with the Colombian driving license

Different versions of the document that certifies vehicle drivers in Colombia / (Bogotá

The driving license is a vital document for those who have vehicles in the country and it is used to circulate throughout the Colombian territory. But according to national regulation and from other countries can be homologated to drive.

This is a document that every car or motorcycle driver must carry in order to use, under Colombian law, their vehicles on national highways.

Some countries allow you to use the Colombian license to drive without problems in their territory as long as the reason for the trip is tourist.

These are the countries: Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, France, the United States, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In places like United States, France or Germany Yes, a local procedure or approval must be done, as long as the stay is longer than one year.

Other countries are nations that require presenting the International Driving Permit, which is an homologation and translation of the license issued by Colombia by the Automobile Club of Colombia (ACC).

In January 2012 it came into force Decree 19 of that year that changed the validity of driving licenses in Colombia, directly modifying article 22 of Law 769 of 2002, which validated them for life. With this decree it was determined that driving licenses for private service vehicles will be valid for 10 years, for drivers under 60 years of age; five years for people between 60 and 80 years old, and one year for people over 80.

In accordance with these guidelines, licenses issued before January 2012 They would have to be renewed in 2022, according to the Transport Ministry. This was done so that the renovations were made gradually and over time, not in the same period. For this reason, many people from this year will have to renew their pass as follows:

As it is not necessary to do the practical and theoretical courses again, they should only go to the Mobility secretariats to schedule an appointment with the Driver Recognition Centers (CRC) that will do vision, hearing exams and tests related to reflexes, reaction, coordination, motor skills and even color distinction, precisely the same one he did when he first got his driver’s license. This exam is taken to check that the minimum necessary physical and cognitive abilities are still in optimal condition. These must be registered in the Single National Traffic Registry (RUT).

After taking this test and passing the exams, the Secretary of Traffic or the Comprehensive Mobility Services Consortium (SIM), entity in charge of the license process in Bogotá, will receive your payment. In the Colombian capital, for the license of private cars the value is at 85,900 pesos and for motorcycles at 145,500 pesos, by 2021.

As explained by the Procedures and Services Guide, it is mandatory to be at peace and safe in fines and traffic offenses to do the renewal process. At the time of starting the process, you must have your citizenship card or password and for foreigners you will need a valid passport or password granted by the authorities.

Remember that this procedure can only be done in Colombia because, as the Ministry of Transportation explains, the validation of the medical assessment is required in a Recognition Center authorized by this portfolio of the National Government and its presence before the Transit Agency. Finally, for the elderly who must renew, priority will be given to them so that they are attended immediately in all areas of the process.

Keep in mind that in Colombia to be able to have a driving license for a private car you must be 16 years old to start the necessary courses in the driving schools regulated by the Ministry of Transportation. For public license you must be at least 18 years old.

If you have questions about loss of license (where you do not have to take the exam again but request the copy) and other questions, you can enter www.minstransporte / frequently-asked-questions / and consult the section on licenses.


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