The court overturned the Varnsdorf decision on radar measurements

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He thus agreed with the Ministry of the Interior, which filed an administrative lawsuit against the city. According to the court, it is inadmissible for the measurement to be provided by a company that is interested in the measurement results. The city has already canceled the contract with the company in the meantime. The decision of the court will be final after its written delivery. The city can only challenge him with a cassation complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Despite criticism, the city concluded its third contract with Water Solar Technology (WST), which operates radars last spring. The ministry then filed a supervisory lawsuit, saying the city’s actions were in violation of the law. The company was materially interested in the measurement, the more people exceeded the speed, the greater the reward.

“The resolution of the City Council of Varnsdorf is annulled for illegality,” said the verdict of the Senate President Markéta Lehká, adding that the court concluded after analysis that the resolution of the City Council violated the wording of the Road Act. “Under certain conditions, third parties can perform measurements, but not if they financially participate in the measurement results,” said Lehká.

Speed ​​measurements in Varnsdorf divided the public last year. While some praised the traffic on the main road to Germany in the Studánka section, others pointed out that it was not possible to perform measurements in this way. The police started investigating the measurements last year, and at the end of the year they accused five people, including the then mayor, of Stanislav Horáček for YES. About two months earlier, he told Práva that until then the city had collected about 90 million crowns in fines, of which about 37 million crowns paid the company costs. Following allegations of radar, the city canceled the contract last December and stopped measuring in Varnsdorf.

The police have previously stated that the company WST unjustifiably obtained 23.4 million crowns from the operation of radars. According to the judge, it is possible that the city will have to return the money for fines. “But it was not the subject of today’s meeting,” she added.

In the past, Deputy Lenka Lanková (Republic for Varnsdorf) turned to the police with a request to investigate the radar measurement. “I felt that the contracts signed by the city and Water Solar Technology were illegal. I am extremely satisfied with the court’s decision, at that moment it brought tears to my eyes, because it is almost two years of work, “said Lanková after the court hearing. “I believe that the criminal court, which will continue perhaps in the autumn, will take this into account,” she added.

After the termination of the contract at the end of the year, the city did not conclude any more, although it stated that it wanted to measure speed further, but in a different way. At the end of May, the deputies decided that there would be no radars in the part of the town of Studánka and in the other eight places.


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