The Covid-19 epidemic has exploded the price of Pokémon cards

On February 21, a Charizard card sold for 418,000 euros. (Drawing)

AT As the epidemic continues, we are discovering more and more unsuspected effects resulting from Covid-19, confinements and other curfews. One of them concerns the Pokémon cards, which turned 25 on February 27, explains Le Figaro.

Thus, the health crisis has caused an explosion in transactions: between 2019 and 2020, they increased by 574% on eBay, the most popular platform for collectors. Symbol of this renewed enthusiasm which is also reflected in a rise in prices: the sale, on February 21, of a Charizard card – an iconic monster of the Japanese franchise – which amounted to 418,000 euros.

“They returned to the world of Pokémon out of nostalgia”

For Le Figaro, a professional in this niche market analyzes, in the context of the health crisis: “People have undoubtedly had less to do and more time to kill. They returned to the world of Pokémon out of nostalgia ”. The newspaper also points out that the launch, in 2016, of the Pokémon Go video game, was able to give new life to creatures from the land of the rising sun.

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An influencer on the social network TikTok also reports an anecdote revealing the heyday of this intriguing market. “A year ago, I posted a video where I was seen cutting with scissors or plunging first edition Charizard cards into water, which are in great demand,” he said. […] Read more

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