The Covid epidemic continues in India, so does political repression

Several personalities who demonstrated last winter against the communitarian policy of the Hindu nationalists in power have been worried by the police in recent days. They are believed to be responsible for the anti-Muslim riots that bloodied Delhi in February.

“If you watch this video, it means I was arrested.” It is with this shocking sentence that Umar Khalid confirmed to be behind bars. Said video had been recorded “Before the former leader of the main student union at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi”, the JNU, is placed in police custody for ten days on Sunday evening. On Wednesday September 16, it was posted on Twitter by relatives of this opponent of the Hindu nationalist policy of the Modi government.

Officially, he is accused of having been “One of the instigators of the riots” perpetrated against the Muslim community at the end of February, in the northeast of the Indian capital, explains Scroll. But Umar Khalid delivers a different version: Delhi police fail to arrest rioters who sparked large-scale community violence […]. It actually attacks those who criticize the government’s action, in particular the recent reform of the nationality code ”, he explains.

The nationality reform had triggered, just before the arrival of the Covid-19 epidemic, monster demonstrations across the country because of the impossibility it creates for Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh to access to Indian nationality. A religious selection criterion


Guillaume Delacroix

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