the Covid through the prism of the conspiracy

The scale of the health crisis and its unprecedented nature feed all forms of questions and theories. The documentary by director Pierre Barnérias, funded by a prize pool of € 182,970 collected on the Ulule platform, claims to want to lift the veil on the hidden face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since November 11, Hold-Up, subtitled “Back to chaos”, is visible on the Internet for the sum of € 4.99. “We have to imagine that the deprivation of our rights, our freedoms, our choices is a hold-up. We could have called it “Coup d’Etat” ”, explains, in the press release accompanying the release of the documentary, Christophe Cossé, co-producer of what is presented as a ” citizen film ».

A motley battalion of sometimes controversial experts

For nearly 3 hours, in a confused bombardment of information and theories of all kinds, Pierre Barnérias brings together a motley battalion of experts. The doctors questioned are, for some specialists in infectious patients, but today controversial, such as Christian Perrone or Luc Montagnier. Others are not specialists at all, like the gynecologist Violaine Guérin. The panel is also made up, among others, of a former research director at Inserm, Alexandra Henrion-Caudé, a former minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, a health anthropologist, Jean-Dominique Michel, etc.

Their interviews conducted in a dark atmosphere and accompanied by music with dramatic accents are punctuated by various interventions, in particular from taxi drivers, whose “decoding” is always common sense, according to the director. With shocking formulas, illegible tables and too quickly shown curves, he returns to the questions raised by this epidemic.

On the mask, he denounces both the first boondoggles of the French government as the generalization decided thereafter. On treatments, he reactivates the debates on chloroquine. On the birth of the virus, he takes up hypotheses already mentioned by scientists but never supported, indicating that it would have been created by humans in a laboratory: during an experiment that would have gone wrong in the United States or in the United States. laboratories of the Pasteur Institute. Finally, he calls into question the work of the media, which are, according to the director, stakeholders in the lie he claims to dismantle.

A great “global conspiracy”

Difficult to see clearly in the influx of affirmations made by the speakers at high speed, in not very rigorous demonstrations. Over the course of the film, the director’s thesis emerges in a vast maelstrom: the current pandemic is the result of manipulation by the elites to control the population, deprive it of freedom, and in particular establish the power of new technologies – cryptocurrencies, 5 G, etc. To these theories of a great global conspiracy are added heavy comparisons, in particular with World War II, Nazism and the Holocaust, developed with insistence by a midwife in a long tearful speech and supported by the sociologist Monique Pinçon-Charlot.

Behind the camera, Pierre Barnérias, convinced Catholic, journalist for more than 20 years, has made many documentaries including Once upon a time (2010), account of the trip around the world of two young graduates of grandes écoles to meet persecuted Christian communities. In 2014, he realized M the third secret a behind-the-scenes investigation of the Vatican and the secret of Fatima. In 2019, his documentary Thanatos, the last passage, around near-death experiences, had made him known to a wider audience.

The crowdfunding platform Ulule has dissociated itself from the director, via its co-founder Alexandre Boucherot. In a long explanation on the social network Twitter, the latter explains that the Hold-Up project has “escaped” the vigilance of the site.


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