The creators of the video game on the war in Iraq finally admit that it is “inseparable from the political”

After hammering that Six Days in Fallujah was strictly nothing political, the developers backtracked.

« We’re not trying to make a political trial », Proclaimed loud and clear Peter Tamte a few weeks ago, about Six Days in Fallujah – controversial video game set during a tragic episode in the Iraq War. Since then, this positioning centered on an apolitical orientation seems to have changed. In a tweet posted on March 8, the publisher Victura wanted to clarify the situation: finally, he assumes that Six Days in Fallujah will have a political connotation.

« We understand that the events recreated in Six Days in Fallujah are inseparable from the political dimension. “Expliqué laws. The video game, abandoned by Konami in the late 2000s, is set during the Second Battle of Fallujah, a major milestone in the Iraq War. Peter Tamte, boss of Vertigo, first highlighted the entertaining nature of Six Days in Fallujah. Today, his company is ready to recognize the political dimension that experience cannot escape.

Six Days in Fallujah // Source : Victura

Ultimately, Six Days in Fallujah will be a political game

Victura takes advantage of his speech to support the authenticity of his video game. He indicates : ” The stories of Six Days in Fallujah are narrated during gameplay sequences and documentaries featuring military and civilians with varying opinions on the Iraq War. In all, 26 Iraqi civilians and several dozen soldiers shared the most difficult experiences of their lives with us, so that we can convey them to you in their own words. »

On the issue of the use of white phosphorus bombs, considered a war crime by the UN, we also note a slight change: while Peter Tamte had initially excluded their presence, they will eventually be documented in Six Days in Fallujah. However, players will not be able to use them – they will only be mentioned for context. ” The documented segments will revolve around sensitive topics, which include events and political decisions leading up to the battle of Fallujah then to its consequences “Ajoutés laws.

This small adjustment was necessary for the future of Six Days in Fallujah, already considered a controversial production. Victura hopes in any case that the interested public will find its game ” complex “. By taking on the political side a little more, the company avoids too much outcry. We are now waiting to check the content.

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