The crises of the Lebanese national team are exacerbating… Corona puts another guard outside the accounts

The Lebanese national team suffers from absenteeism in the goalkeeping position (Twitter)

Crises continue Lebanon national team The football club, who is preparing to meet the UAE and South Korea, respectively, in the decisive qualifiers for the World Cup.Qatar 2022After announcing the absence of goalkeeper Ali Daher.

The Lebanese goalkeeper was infected with the Corona virus, which means his absence from the two mentioned confrontations, putting the “Men of the Cedars” battalion in a difficult position, after it was confirmed the absence of Al-Ahed Club goalkeeper, international Mahdi Khalil, to undergo surgery in the cruciate ligament, which will exclude him from many of the Lebanese team matches. In the coming period, Khalil is considered the first goalkeeper for his country in recent years, after he appeared with Al-Ahed at a distinguished level, before his level declined relatively in the recent period.

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Daher will miss the match between the Emirates and South Korea, scheduled for September 2 and 7, respectively, forcing the Lebanese team coach, Czech Ivan Hashek, to rely on the third goalkeeper, Ali Al-Sabaa, in the next two matches, at least.

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