News The curious excuse of Sheriff to explain the Real's...

The curious excuse of Sheriff to explain the Real’s match against Mirandés


He could not take the Real Sociedad an income that allows him to travel to Anduva with some tranquility, scarce 2-1 for what is very likely to be a very difficult drink for the San Sebastian team. In San Sebastian, Mirandés de Iraola played a great game, enhancing his performance thanks to Matheus’s goal, which has already been six in this Cup.

Surprising were the statements that Imanol Alguacil made when he was asked about the reasons that explain the low level that his team showed, one of the teams that had the best football this year in First, before a team of half-table in Second, for more than Mirandés’ work in this Cup is still fabulous.

“The reception has taken our energy and charged us with responsibility,” said the Real coach, referring to the fervor with which the Txuri-Urdin fans received their players in the semifinal preview.



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