the data shows that a health pass is of no interest

TRIBUNE – For the past few days, the official Israeli covid data tracking website ( provided different statistics by vaccination status. The most interesting in our eyes are the contamination figures as well as the serious COVID cases by age group and by vaccination status. Analysis to enable informed consent:

On the website these data are represented as follows (active patients are the contaminated):

This transparency is to be welcomed and “Public Health France” is invited to do the same by publishing the same statistics for France. Free and informed consent comes at this price, so that everyone can assess their risk benefit balance when deciding whether or not to be vaccinated, or to decide or not for a person over whom they exercise authority.

Following the publication of these data, the Citizen Collective carried out an initial analysis to assess the vaccine effectiveness in terms of prevention of contamination and prevention of serious COVID.

Data extractions took place on 08/02/2021; we compared, for each age group, the percentage of contaminated people totally vaccinated with the vaccination coverage rate of the same age group. This last information appears on the same site. We excluded those under 20 in the analysis because the age distribution is not identical between the two elements compared.

On the shutter contamination, the comparison is summarized in the following table: On reading this table, we see that the proportion of contaminated vaccinated people is equivalent to the vaccination coverage rate in each of the age groups. This leads us to conclude that the efficacy of the vaccine on contamination and transmission is very low or even almost non-existent.

On the shutter of severe cases, the summary table is as follows: the analysis of the table shows us the existence of a manifest efficacy in the prevention of serious cases. Unfortunately, this effectiveness decreases with age. This finding probably led to the decision of the Israeli government to administer a third injection to the most 60 years old. It would be interesting to know whether this drop in effectiveness is due to age or to the duration of protection. Indeed, the oldest people in Israel were the first to be vaccinated. The follow-up of people who received a third injection will provide us with conclusions on the cause of this decrease in efficacy.

In conclusion, Israeli data clearly shows us that the vaccine is not very effective on transmission. The same observation was made in the United States in the Massachusetts cluster. This makes the health pass as it is currently defined in France completely obsolete. The large-scale vaccination policy is also to be called into question. The fact that the virus circulates in vaccinated people mechanically increases the likelihood of the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants.

The decline in the prevention of severe cases with age is a worrying element that should be taken seriously. Indeed, the victims of the SARS-COV2 virus are mainly the elderly. With such vaccine effectiveness in this population, the vaccine is far from being the magic solution to protect it. The generalization of FFP2 masks and the search for treatments are essential elements to protect our elders. Not vaccinating people who are not at risk is also an element of protection for the elderly population. Indeed, this decreases the probability of the emergence of a vaccine resistant variant from which the elderly are the first to benefit.

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